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At Server Management we work for a better and more efficient business for our clients. Our core business is IT maintenance and administration services. We offer computer assistance to both companies and individuals.


In today’s digital world, we understand our responsibility for the business criticality of IT systems and do our best to keep your systems and computers running smoothly and securely. It doesn’t matter if your computers or servers are located in Elva, Tallinn, or London, remote management is a natural part of our daily work.


In our daily work, we use a powerful central control panel, which ensures speed, mobility, and high quality in our work. This way we adhere to the promised response times and every job is thoroughly documented.

Why choose us?


The work is done on time and documented which means there is a complete overview of the work done


We will quickly find solutions to the problems that have arisen and not only solve them but also prevent them


IT service provider thinks along with promoting your business


The price-quality ratio is in place

White hat hacker attacks

We work all over Estonia and the world

Riskianalüüside teostamine

We are focused on your needs


We have a wide range of services to solve all your problems through one partner

Our work process


Get to know You

Our goal is to help you in the best possible way, so first we invest energy in getting to know your IT systems.



We are always ready to support you. Competent IT support at the touch of a button or a call.


Improve IT systems

We ensure the smooth operation of the systems by putting the system components in the best order.


We work tirelessly

Satisfaction of our customers is important to us, so we guarantee you a high-quality IT service.



We prevent problems with comprehensive monitoring.

Let's talk about numbers

Rahulolevad kliendid


Satisfied customer

Hooldatud arvutid


Maintained computers

Lahendatud ticketit


Resolved tickets

Hooldused virtuaalarvutit


Maintained virtual computers

GHz hoolduses olevat arvutivõimsust


GHz mainted computer power

TB hoolduses olevat RAMi


TB maintenance RAM

TB hoolduses olevat andmepinda


TB maintained data area